Monthly Archives: January 2015


Notice to our cable subscribers

Due to the ever increasing cost of station program fees, plus the fact we carry two other CBS network stations. After midnight 12/31/14 we will no longer be carrying WBT-TV on our channel # 3. We plan to begin carrying WLNN MTN18 from Boone as soon as some technical problems are cleared up. This is an independent station and carries some of the school ball games from YANCEY and MITCHELL counties.

Due to the same cost problems and the fact that we carry another NBC channel, We will no longer be carrying WCYB after midnight on 12/31/14. We are replacing WCYB with PBS-EX, The Explorer Channel

We know that no one likes changes and we apologize, however this action is being taken in order to hold down the cost of service to our subscribers.

Country Cablevision Inc.