Multi-room DVR service now available to Fiber customers

Multi-room DVR services are now available to Fiber Optic customers for an additional fee*.  What you would need is the monthly service, one DVR box and an HD box.  Multi-room DVR will support 1 DVR and up to 3 HD boxes.  Multi-room DVR service works using the MoCA technology.

What is MoCA?

MoCA (“Multimedia over Coax”, pronounced Mocha) delivers the same high-speed network connection as an Ethernet cable through your existing coaxial cable (the wire used to receive cable TV) to any room in your home.When setting up a MoCA adapter in your home, you can connect MoCa enabled devices (Arris DVR, Cable Modems**, and more), and receive cable TV while connecting to the home network through your existing coax cable, making it a more secure connection without additional wiring.Note: If a TV signal can be received from any given outlet, it can support MoCA.

You can record anything on the DVR and watch the recording from any HD box on the Multi-room DVR network.  You can schedule a later recording from the guide at an HD box but you cannot record, pause, or rewind live TV from the HD box. You can fully control the recorded program from the HD box once it is recorded on the DVR.

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*Not available to customers without Fiber Optic service.
**Cable Modems are not supported at this time.
***DTA devices do Not support MoCA.