What is Digital Cable?

With Digital Cable you can receive so much more than the regular Basic Cable package. Try over 200 channels available including Basic Cable, movies, sports, digital music, and pay per view. If music is your thing we have over 35 channels of all digital music to listen to. If movies are your thing you will have access to tons of movies on our 11 pay per view channels. With the on-screen guide you can navigate and keep up with whats playing or will be playing. You can setup your favorite channels so they are accessible with just the touch of a button on the remote. Digital Cable also includes parental controls to give you piece of mind when your kids are watching.

What is a Digital Receiver?

A Digital Receiver is a piece of equipment that receives digital programming from Country Cablevision Cable and converts it into a format that can be connected to and viewed on a TV set. It is also commonly referred to as a Set Top Box (STB) or cable box. Different models support different features, and may include or exclude services such as analog programming, digital programming High Definition programming, certain Interactive Programming Guides, DVR, etc. Other items may be included with a Digital Receiver such as a Universal Remote. User guides for our digital boxes can be found here.

What is the difference between Digital and Cable TV service?

Country Cablevision Digital uses a digital signal, allowing for more data (e.g., channels, music, movies, etc.) to be sent across our network to your home. The Digital Receiver formats the digital signal so that you may view it on your television. This allows Country Cablevision to deliver more choices than are available with basic analog cable service.

Do I have to pay a deposit on the digital box to have it installed in my home?

You do not need to pay a deposit if you leave a credit card number on your account at the time of installation for security purposes.

Why does the TV Guide flip bar read, “To Be Announced”?

If this occurs on a single program time slot, then there may have been no guide data available from the programmers. If this occurs on multiple channels, then there may have been a power interruption to the Set Top Box. Leave the box connected to power and the guide should fully update itself within approximately 45 minutes. If this does not refresh the box, please contact us.

There is a red light showing on my Digital Receiver. What does it mean?

The red light does not indicate a problem. It simply indicates that you have a message from Country Cablevision. You can access the message through the Interactive Program Guide and read and/or delete the message. CCVN will utilize this feature to advise you of any channel changes, specials, promotions, and how you can save money by bundling our services. If you have a DVR box then the “Rec” light will be on when the power is turned off. User guides for our digital boxes can be found here.

To view the message using the TV Guide:

1. Press Menu on your Universal Remote.
2. Go to the house icon on the bottom of the screen.
3. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the digital messages button.
4. Press OK on the remote to select the message.
5. After reading the message, you have the option to save or delete the message
6. Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight the Save or Delete icon.
7. Press OK on the remote to select the action.
8. When you read or delete the message the red light will disappear.
9. Press Exit on the remote to exit the guide.

How do I block channels I don’t want to receive?

Customers can block channels from their cable lineup by using the Parental Control feature available on most digital box models leased from Country Cablevision. It’s also possible that, depending on the model of television or VCR you have, you could program your own television equipment to block programming you prefer not to receive.

Can I reset the time on the Digital Receiver?

No, the receiver time is controlled by a central system.

Can I get digital services on all TVs in my home?

Yes, we can install a digital receiver on all of your TVs for an additional monthly cost.

How do I find out which channels are included in the package and/or digital tier I want to purchase?

The channel lineup contains a list of channels that are offered by area. View your channel lineup.

Are the prices shown here the actual prices I will be charged for the services I select?

Yes. Please note that prices may vary per area and do not include taxes and fees. Installation fees may apply.

Having problems receiving any channels from your digital box?

Make sure your TV is set on Channel 3 if you are using a coaxial cable from the box to your TV. If you are using Audio/Video cables make sure your TV is on the appropriate video setting. If you are still having problems please contact us.

Order a Pay-Per-View movie?

While in one of the PPV listings menus, press or highlight the program you want to order, then press ‘OK’.

  • Highlight the ‘Buy’ icon at the bottom of the screen, then press ‘OK’.
  • Highlight ‘Buy’ icon, then press OK. NOTE: If you have a purchase code set, you will be asked to enter it here in place of highlighting ‘Buy’.
  • A reminder will automatically be set for the ordered PPV program. You must tune to the program within the designated time window in order for the program to actually be purchased.

Premium channel reception problem?

Please try the following steps if you are having trouble receiving premium channels.

Are you subscribing to the service?
If not, please contact us to learn more about our Premium channels & packages.

Did you just recently start subscribing to the service?
It may take up to 30 minutes for you to receive the channel.
If these steps did not resolve your problem, please contact us.

What is the difference between coaxial cable and fiber optic cable?

Coaxial cable is pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation with an aluminum covering used to transmit television, telephone and data signals. Fiber optic cable is also used to deliver the same types of signals but carry much wider bands of frequencies. It’s made of very thin, pliable tubes of glass or plastic.

How do I use this new blue i-guide menu system?

The new i-Guide is a welcome addition to our digital setup. It has tons more features than the old tan guide and allows you to do so much more with your digital box. To learn how to use it then visit http://www.i-guide.tv. If you have a HD/DVR box then click Play Demo for Dual Tuner. If you have any other box click Play Demo for single tuner. If for some reason your box is still showing the old tan guide then give us a call so we can fix it.