What is High-Speed Internet?

With Country Cablevision’s High-Speed Internet you can enjoy an always-on connection that is always ready to connect you to the world. You can download files and surf at blazing fast speeds all at ease. Best of all, no phone line is required for our High-Speed Internet. So, you can be online and talk on your phone at the same time, talk about convenience! Be prepared to be blown away as we offer speeds unrivaled by any dial-up, dsl, or wireless connection. We have a variety of speeds available to fit your needs. You get 10 MB of webspace (available on request) on our servers you can use to make your own homepage for all your friends to see. You also get up to 5 e-mail accounts so the whole family can keep in touch.

What is the Availability?

Country Cablevision High-Speed Internet service is 100% available to customers in our service area. That means if you can get our Cable TV service then you can get our High-Speed Internet.

What are the CCVN High Speed Internet System Requirements?

Any Docsis 3.0 compatible cable modem should work on our system.

Minimum technical specs for a computer connected to our High Speed Internet is at least the following
Pentium Class Machine at least 800MHz
1 Gig of Ram
Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8-or
A Power Mac, OS 7.5.3 or above

We do not provide any Computer or router technical support whatsoever, we only sell you a High Speed Internet connection. If you need computer or router support please call a computer repair shop or the manufacturer of your router.

All machines MUST have an Ethernet Card (100-Tbase or above). If you need a referral to have one installed, we’ll be happy to provide some options.

What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is a small box that connects your computer to the Internet via your local cable television provider. A cable modem has two connections, one that leads to the cable lines outside your home and the other an Ethernet connection to your computer or router.

How does a cable modem work?

Cable modems modulate and demodulate RF signals. The cable modem receives data in what is known as the downstream signal. This signal is modulated on television channels that are 6 MHz wide at frequencies between 88 and 750MHz. Using QAM 256 technology, downstream speeds can reach up to 38Mb/s on the 6 MHz channel, through which the data is transferred. This signal usually runs adjacent to other television signals. With Docsis 3.0 specs there will be multiple 6MHz downstream channels bonded for faster speeds. There will also be multiple upstream channels bonded together.

How does High Speed Internet Access work?

Instead of a computer modem hooked up to a local phone line, a high speed cable modem links your PC to the cable fiber-optic/coaxial network and server complex. You can access local and national content from our servers which also provide a gateway for you to connect to the Internet at very high speeds.

What are the advantages of using a cable modem to access the Internet?

A cable modem will provide you with rapid download transmission speeds. Downloading a file that would take one-half hour using a telephone modem connection will take only a few seconds with a cable modem connection. As a high- speed medium, you will be able to view many different multimedia presentations – “live” or streamed – such as concerts, movies, etc.

Also, a cable modem provides a continual connection to the Internet because two-way cable modems do not require the use of a telephone line. Your service will not be interrupted or receive external static since the outer layer of the cable line will not allow any noise to enter the transmission line.

How does CCVN High-Speed Internet connect to my computer?

You will have to purchase a cable modem that connects to the Ethernet port on most computers – it’s as simple as that. If you have a router the cable modem connects to your router and then the computer connects to the router as well. We can also provide the cable modem for an additional monthly cost.

Do I need an Ethernet Card for my computer?

Yes, most new computers come with an Ethernet Card already.

What operating system do I need for High Speed Internet Access?

Windows 98 or newer.
Mac/Apple OS 7.5.3 or newer

Will I be able to talk on the phone and use Country Cablevision High-Speed Internet at the same time?

Yes. Country Cablevision provides you with a dedicated, always-on connection that never has busy signals and never ties up your phone.

Will I be able to watch TV and use High-Speed Internet at the same time?

Yes. While our services travel over the same network, neither service is affected by using both simultaneously.

How fast will a cable modem download and upload data?

Network speeds can reach up to 300Mb/s, but speeds will also depend on the service level to which you subscribe. The asymmetric cable modem scheme is the most common type of cable network setup, and will allow for a faster data transmission rate (higher bandwidth) on the downstream data path than the upstream data path. This network setup works well since most cable modem users download more information than they send. For example, downloading web pages and multimedia files and participating in newsgroups requires much more bandwidth than sending web page requests or e-mail.

How does a cable modem compare with a dial-up or DSL?

Cable modems can connect to the Internet and download information much faster than a dial-up modem. For example, it will take a cable modem user milliseconds to connect to the Internet, while it will take a dial-up modem user about a minute. Cable modems can also download information at speeds up to 100Mb/s while a dial-up modem will only download information at 53Kb/s or less. Cable Modems are 3 to 10 times faster than DSL depending on where you live.

Is a telephone line still required when using a cable modem to access the Internet?

No, You will not need a telephone line when using a two-way cable modem. The cable line carries both upstream and downstream signals.

What browsers can I use?

Most current versions of Google Chrome, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer work well with our cable modem service.

How do I set my home page in Internet Explorer (IE)?

To set the home page in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Under the first tab labeled “General” in the top of this window
  • Type in the name of the web page you would like to use as your home page, such as http://www.ccvn.com or any page that you would like to use.
  • Click “Apply”
  • Click “OK”

What e-mail programs can I use?

Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Eudora are the most common e-mail programs and work well with our cable modem service. You can also use webmail to check your mail.

Country Cablevision offers up to five (5) e-mail addresses FREE.

Does Country Cablevision provide virus protection?

No. You are responsible for supplying your own virus protection software on your computer.

Does Country Cablevision provide spam control and a firewall protection?

No. You are responsible for supplying your own spam control software and firewall protection. There are many types of Firewall Protection available through other vendors. Most Anti-Virus software have Firewall protection available.

How much can I save by packaging the services I take?

If you subscribe to our Basic Cable service, High Speed Internet Access and Phone Service, you can save up to $20.00 per month.

Can I have more than one computer hooked up in my home or office?

Yes, by purchasing a router you can have multiple computers using the internet at the same time.

Can I keep my current Internet Service Provider?

Yes, but you will be paying for them as well.

How many e-mail addresses can I have?

Country Cablevision offers up to five (5) e-mail addresses FREE.

If you have a question that cannot be answered here, please call our Customer Service Center 1-800-722-4074, Monday- Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm or send us an email.