How do I access CCVN Pay-Per-View?

1. Press menu button, highlight PPV icon on the bottom of the screen and press ‘OK’, highlight ‘PPV By Time’, ‘PPV By Title’, ‘Events’, or ‘Adult’; then press ‘OK’.
2. Press ‘EXIT’ at any time to return to watching TV.
3. Press ‘MENU’ to return to the Main Menu.

How do I order CCVN Pay-Per-View?

1. While in one of the PPV listing menus, press or highlight the desired program;
then press ‘OK’.
2. Highlight the desired start time or ‘Buy’ icon; then press ‘OK’.
3. Highlight ‘Buy’ icon; then press ‘OK’.
A reminder will automatically be set for the ordered PPV program. You must tune to the program within the designated time in order for the program to actually be purchased.

How do I cancel a Pay-Per-View order?

1. Highlight the ordered program in any of the listings menus; then press OK. 2. Highlight Cancel; then press OK.

How much does Country Cablevision Pay-Per-View cost?

Events are available on CCVN Digital Pay-Per-View and vary in pricing. Fees for live events like boxing and wrestling as well as adult events vary by program.

Can I order a Pay-Per-View event ahead of time?

Yes, use your remote to access the ‘Main Menu’ and navigate to the selection of your choice. You may order the event any time it is available in the menu. A reminder will be set and you will not be charged unless you tune to that channel during the event.