Why Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics are laser-generated pulses of light that travel over hair-thin strands of glass fiber. Because light travels faster than any other power source, fiber optics make everything faster. Uploading, downloading, image quality and phone clarity are all improved because fiber optics send information with the speed of light.

What do cable companies use?

Unlike CCVN, more outdated cable service providers use copper-based modes of transmission. These providers may advertise the use of fiber optics, but it is only partially integrated into their network. Copper is still present, and so are the problems that arise because of it. CCVN is this area’s sole provider of 100% fiber optic networks. This cutting-edge technology provides a seamless data pathway to your home or business, and halts interference commonly found with copper-based networks.

Why is this beneficial to you, the consumer?

Traditional copper connections are riddled with problems, such as:

  •          Electromagnetic interference
  •          Weather-related disruptions
  •          Slower download speeds and poor picture quality
  •          General distortion and degradation of your service quality

CCVN’s 100% fiber optic networks eliminate these problems.

Additionally, fiber optic networks offer lightning-fast download speeds that are incomparable to traditional copper networks. Copper networks are centered upon the task of sending signals, not uploading content and data. In contrast, fiber optic upload speeds can mirror that of its download speeds (available in certain areas). This results in a more effective interface, and the dependability and effectiveness consumers deserve. CCVN’s fiber optic network guarantees the unparalleled speeds and reliability essential for uploading pictures, music, and movies.

Without question, CCVN’s fiber optics provide consumers with supreme quality of service. Our innovative technologies offer speed, clarity, and quality with which copper-based technology simply cannot compete. With CCVN’s fiber optics, you truly have a “window to the world”.