Residential Installation

We’re excited to bring to you the area’s ONLY 100% fiber optic network! We want you to have the best experience possible with our services, and that starts with convenient scheduling and installation.

Your appointment

During your first call or online reservation to CCVN, the next available installation date is scheduled just for you. Our technicians are flexible and work with you to establish service faster than ever.

Need to change your appointment?

Call 1-800-722-4074 to make any changes to your appointment or your initial order.


Installing CCVN  Fiber Optics

Here’s an overview of our two-step installation process:

Your home’s exterior:

For the primary installation, there is no need for you to be present as long as we have access to the exterior of your home. During this visit, we will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box on the side of your home closest to your existing electric meter. Before installation begins, we will on your door to inform you we will be working on the side of your home. After we are finished, you will be alerted again before briefly interrupting your power to complete the installation. When you return home, you will know our technicians were present because of your flashing clocks.

  • If you happen to have pets or a fence, please inform us. It is possible that we need to access a portion of your yard or home that is occupied by pets, or blocked off by a fence. By discussing this prior to our visit, we can assure you will receive quality installation while taking every precaution to keep your pets safe and sound.

Your home’s interior:

During the second visit from our CCVN  Fiber Optics technicians, you will need to be present so we can access the interior of your home. We will work around your schedule to find a suitable time. Please allow us 3-4 hours in order to deliver quality service you deserve. This gives our technicians time to customize your service to your needs, and provide all requested services. To guarantee that your service is up to our high standards, we will perform testing on wiring and all aspects of the installation.

  • Whenever possible, CCVN will work with the existing framework of your current cable, television and phone service systems. CCVN Fiber Optics will utilize the jacks and wiring currently present in your residence.
  • During our quality installation, we will verify that are receiving the best possible quality from your FO-Net , FO-TV and FO Phone by checking and replacing wiring in your existing connections where necessary. WE will make no changes to your home as long as your current setup runs CCVN Fiber Optics services at the best possible quality.
  • After installation, CCVN will take all precautions to assure that your home is clean and returned to previous conditions. Before leaving, our CCVN  Fiber Optics technicians will train you in utilizing your new quality services . All services provided will be documented and presented to you in a statement that contains itemized charges and customer service numbers for all your support needs. We also provide you with a convenient Welcome Kit, including a user-friendly Quick Start Guide. It contains all the tools you need for speedy access to your new cutting-edge technologies.

Do you require more than one jack for FO-Net  or FO-TV?

If a jack is currently installed in your home, there will be no additional fee for installation. We offer installation of new jacks for a fee of $29.99 per additional jack. If installation of a new jack on a second visit will cost $39.99. It is not necessary to pay for the installation of new jacks at the time of installation. We will include these fees on your next statement.

Things to consider…

  • Installation inside your home will take at least 4 hours. Please make plans to be present for the entire installation. It is required that an adult (18 years or older) be home during installation. Make sure this person has authority to make decisions concerning placement of wires and full access to parts of the home where fiber optic cables. This includes basements, cellars, and all of the home’s exterior areas.
  • Older computers may cause your FO-Net service to vary from that of newer systems. This also applies to televisions and FO-TV services.
  • Customers who desire wireless Internet capabilities will require a wireless Internet router that is suitable for your home’s size and layout.