Residential Installation

We’re excited to bring to you the area’s ONLY 100% fiber optic network! We want you to have the best experience possible with our services, and that starts with scheduling
and installation.

Your appointment

During your first call or online reservation to CCVN, you are given the next available installation date. We will find a convenient time for you and get your subscriptions
to you faster than ever.

Need to change your appointment?

Call 1-800-722-4074 to make any changes to your appointment or your initial order.

Installing CCVN  Fiber Optics

Our installation process includes two steps:

  1. Outside your home

    There’s no need for you to be at home for this initial part of the installation as long as we have access to the exterior of your home. We will mount an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box on the side of your home near your existing electric meter. We will knock on your door and let you know we will be working on the side of your home.  
Do you have pets or a fence? If so, let us know.
 We may need access to a part of your home that is fenced or houses a family pet. If so, please let us know so we can discuss the best time to do the installation on the exterior of your home and ensure our safety and the safety of your pet.

  2. Inside your home

    You will need to be home for the second visit from our CCVN  Fiber Optics technicians. We will arrange a convenient time to meet you at your house. During the 2-4 hour installation, we will consult with you on your specific needs based on your order, and complete necessary wiring and testing for quality assurance.

 Most homes are equipped with jacks and connections for subscription television, internet and phone services. In many cases, CCVN  Fiber Optics services will use these jacks and connections already in your home.

 As part of our courtesy installation, we will make sure that your existing jacks and wiring will deliver the best possible quality from your FO-Net , FO-TV and FO-Phone by replacing wiring in your existing connections where necessary*. If your home’s wiring is already adequate for delivering CCVN  Fiber Optics services at the best possible quality, we will not make any modifications to it.

 When the installation is complete, all work areas will be cleaned and returned to their original state. Our CCVN  Fiber Optics technicians will answer your questions to make sure you are comfortable with how your system works. You will receive a statement of work performed and/or costs incurred if additional wiring was requested, and contact information for help and support. You will also receive a welcome kit that includes a helpful Quick Start Guide that shows how to use popular features. 
Do you need more than one jack for FO-Net  or FO-TV?
 We will make your services available to any jack that is currently installed at your home at no additional cost. If needed, we can add new jacks in your wall or floor for $29.99 per extra jack. If you need us to come back to add a jack, the charge will be $39.99 each. These services will be included in your next bill so you do not need to pay for them at the time of installation.

Things to keep in mind

  • Set aside at least four hours for the installation inside your home.
  • An adult (18 years or older) must be present at the time of the installation. This person needs to be prepared to answer questions on wiring preferences and provide access to the areas where the fiber optics run such as a basement or cellar, exterior of the home, etc.
  • If you have an older computer, your FO-Net experience may vary slightly from what a newer model offers. The same is true with television equipment and your FO-TV experience.
  • If you use a laptop computer and other electronics with Internet options and would like wireless Internet access capability to stay mobile inside your home, you will need to use a wireless Internet router that meets the needs of your home’s layout and square-footage.


* CCVN does not “wall fish” which means if your wires are inside your walls and there is a problem with them you will have to call your electrician to run a new wire in the same location.  However, CCVN may be able to run a wire a different way to get service to that location.